One of the most important parts of being able to consistently meet your goals is to make sure you have an overall productivity plan in place. I do like to make a rough plan for an entire year at a time, but what I find most effective is a quarterly plan.

Yes, I plan out 90 days of my life at a time.

I do this for several reasons. First, it is only 12 weeks. 12 weeks is a long enough chunk of time to realize if something is working for you or if it isn’t. If it isn’t working, no big deal. Let it go, and move on with the next 12 weeks of your life. On the other hand, if something is really working for you, 12 weeks can be life changing.

A lot of people are doing 12 week plans right now and for good reason. They are single handedly the very best way to go from goal to done in a short amount of time. You have specific tasks and you know exactly what needs to be done. There is no “hmm, I wonder what I should do today”. When you get ready to do work, you can start already in a focused mindset. No time wasted.

The amazing thing about 90 day plans is that you can use them for anything. They’re really great if you’re using them to create a business plan, but they’re also incredible for personal goals. Household management, fitness and nutrition, anything you can ever dream of can be worked into this 90 day plan!

Everyone makes these plans a little differently. Here is my process:

Start At The End:

The very first thing I do is write out my end goal. You have to know what you want and go after it. The whole point is to break the entire process into itty bitty easy steps over the twelve weeks. By doing this, you are getting rid of overwhelm. Schedule in reverse order, going over each step that needs to be done to ensure you aren’t forgetting anything.

Break It Down:

The next thing I do is identify four main things that need to happen in order for me to reach my end goal. I choose four because each month now has a theme or main point that I am spending time working on. These are large steps that will take a while to complete.

Get Smaller Again:

So now that I have my four goals, I need to break this down again. This is where my monthly plan is going to come into place and where we get into the nitty gritty. Each month needs to be broken down into actionable tasks. We’re going to come up with four actionable tasks for each month. So for example, if I need to work on preparing an e-mail optin for this site, my steps may be to market research, create content, set up Convertkit and promote.

Daily Tasks:

Once you get your weekly goals in place, you then break these down into itty bitty tiny mini tasks. You need to know exactly what you are going to do each day when you sit down at your desk (or hit the gym, or whatever.) Every single task is helping you get one step closer to meeting your goals. So for each of these weekly tasks, make a list of smaller tasks that need to happen in order for your weekly goal to be met.

Get Your Planner

Go to your monthly view. On each day that you have designed for work, write out what tasks you need to do. Every task that you had earlier under weekly tasks must be written in. Nothing can be left out. Every task must have its place!

Schedule a Catch-up Day

Schedule a day biweekly to catch up on anything you’ve fallen behind on. You are giving yourself a buffer zone in case life goes off the rails or one task take so longer than you think it will. This is essential because it prevents losing motivation if you go off schedule. You also don’t end up with a pile of work to do on one day which can get overwhelming.

If this is getting a little confusing, no worries! I’ve got your back! I’ve created a 90 Day Plan printable planner to help get you started. This is the exact planner that I use myself and I want to share it with you. Cheers to a hyper productive 90 days!


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