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Everyone has crappy days and you want to feel better. Things aren’t going your way. You aren’t motivated. You’re at work wondering how you ever got stuck there in the first place.

When we get into this mindset, it’s challenge to change your train of thought. Your whole day can very quickly go down the drain if you don’t pull yourself out of it fast. You become consumed with everything negative that has happened, is happening, or could happen. The rest of the day is covered by a dark cloud of negativity and mental complaints. You have to make a decision: either you pull yourself together and own your day and rock it, or you spend the whole day wallowing in self pity and waiting for the next bad thing to happen.

The right decision is always to rock your day.

Here’s 7 ways that you can make your day better right now.

1. Make A Plan

Make a to-do list. Add something you’ve already done. Check it off for an ego boost. Evaluate your time. You are more likely to complete a task if you write it down.

2. Brain Dump

We have so many thoughts running through our minds at any given time. Write everything out – every tiny thought, every task you need to remember, everything that it bothering you. Get it out, refresh and get on with your day.

3. Work It Out

Spend 10 minutes getting some energy out. Do whatever you are capable of doing right now. Stuck at work? Desk yoga. Always.

4. Drink Water

Fill up your water bottle and chug! Hydrating makes you feel healthy and feeling healthy will make your day better. Promise.

5. One Minute Rule

Look around you. If there is something that can be done in less than one minute, do it right now. See how productive you are?

6. Have A Laugh

Talk to someone you know makes you laugh. Look up funny cat pictures. Do whatever it takes to put a smile on your face.

7. Money

Have a quick look at your finances. Figure out where you stand and where your money is going. Maybe this is depressing, but at least you know what you’re facing. Ignoring it won’t make it go away. It’s called being responsible. Being responsible feels great.

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